Welcome to the Jackson County Tax Administration website. Tax Administration is made up of two divisions, Tax Assessment and Mapping/Land Records.The function of Tax Assessment is the listing and appraisal of real and personal property and motor vehicles. Mapping/Land Records maps and inventories real property using deeds, surveys, and other documentation of record.

Tax Administrator

Additional Contact info:

Business Personal Property - Suzanne Allison - 828-586-7543
Business Personal Property - Robin Pond - 828-586-7540
Mapping/Land Records - Kim Hooper - 828-586-7539
Motor Vehicles - Sherman Fowler - 828-586-7541
Personal Property/Tax Relief Programs - Laura Estridge - 828-586-7545
Real Property - Nicole Livesey - 828-586-7542
Real Property/PUV Programs - Wendy Smith - 828-586-7544

If you are unsure who to speak to contact Kim Hooper at 828-586-7539 to be directed accordingly.

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